WiFi Direct on Photon

It appears that the Broadcomm chipset used on Photon supports WiFi direct. Does anyone know if Spark will be exposing that mode?


Everything is exposed because it’s open source! Whether we wrap it in an Arduino-like API will depend on the demand for the feature and how hairy implementation is, but for features like this we welcome pull requests! :slight_smile:


@Darmitage Im planning on using wifi direct in a project I’m working on for school; so once I have done this on the new Photon ill post a link on how I did it.

Hope your work on wifi direct is progressing. I am increasingly convinced that for many applications this is the way to go. Please keep me in the loop if you figure this out. Thanks…btw, are you interested in some consulting work?

@Darmitage Hey yeah Wifi Direct is awesome for many application, I don’t have a photon yet and Im currently working on a few other projects so times a killer in my life, but once I get to the need for Wifi direct in my senor project ill be sure to post a How to here.

I agree that WIFI direct needs to be implemented in the Photon. If the P0 is really being designed so one can take it to full production with ease, you got to have it.You can’t always depend being connected to the Cloud.

So PLEASE add the feature for WIFI direct so Apps can talk directly with the P0.