Photon poor WiFi connection

Having trouble with photon WiFi connection, recently.

I have an apple airport extreme access point with 5GHZ WiFi disabled.
Photon connects and works normally when 10 meters close to the access point.

But if I go 30 meters far from the access point (50 % Signal strength) It loses the connection every 8 hours and doesn’t reconnect until reboot.
Sometimes it doesn’t reconnect at all.

Tried adding a Ubiquiti WiFi Repeater which gives me 80% signal strength on the photon spot and it doesn’t work.

I’m powering the photon with a 2 amps 9 volt PSU through the V3 shield shield
Photon is enclosed in an outdoor ABS box.

Tried with a cisco access point and I have the same problem.

Tried adding an external 5dbi antenna on the photon and it worked for a few days then it started not to connect anymore

Any guess ?

Just to make sure, when using the external antenna, you also used


in your sketch and after going back to the chip antenna you set it back via



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