Photon WiFi range 5ft-6ft max

I just got my Photon and successfully hooked it up, updated the software, and messed around with Tinker for a bit. It was giving me some trouble until I stood right beside (literally on the same table) the router. I figured it would be fine after the initial firmware upgrade but I tried to connect to another access point today and had the same issue. I tried both CLI and using the app but it wouldn’t go until I put the board on the router and tried. I then tested how far I could go until it wouldn’t connect and found it was about 6 ft at most. Is this the normal range? Has anyone had this issue before?

This is definetly not the normal range. I got my Photons spread out all over my flat and wherever I have WiFi with other devices like my tab or phone the Photons breathe away cyan too.

Have you got any metal near/around the chip antenna?
Have you updated the system firmware to at least 0.4.5 (there was a fix that on bootup the chip antenna will be active rather then switching between the two)?

No metal by the antenna. Just built right on to the board. I haven’t checked the firmware since it updated after I first connected it. I’ll check that and see if I can update it before trying anything else. Thanks for the reply!