Photon vs Core Wifi Range

Has anyone tested out the wifi range between the Core & Photon? I have both and can work on exchanging chips to see if it’ll help my situation but if someone already checked this out it would be a time saver.

I currently have a Core sitting on the edge of my wifi. It’s connected 95% of the time. I could replace it with my Photon but the Core is imbedded in a waterproof case so testing this out would be a chore.

Anyone compare Core / Photon wifi ranges? I see the Photon has a different wifi chip - does this result in better range?

Thanks for any feedback.

What? Do you mean the Core because there is no board that Particle makes called the Spark?

Yes, the Core. I always refer to the original as the Spark but you’re definitely right - it’s the Particle Core. I’ll edit the original question to clear that up. Thank you.

Web - common mistake I do it all the time…geezz tough crowd, I think we all followed your question Web. So I have both, I am still using my Spark Core for a install I have at the edge of my yard. I have had it running for about 3 months and I have no noticed any downtime or issues with connection via wiFi. I can run a few test to see if I notice any differences but would just be a A/B layman test nothing other then my observations.