Anybody selling any Cores?

Just wondered if anyone wanted to sell an old Core if they’ve upgraded to a Photon. I’m in Europe.

If you desperately need some, I’ve got two white (v1.0) chip antenna Cores.
But what exactly can the Core do the Photon can’t?

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Just thought they’d be cheaper but still seem to be fairly reliable on my network recently. It wasn’t a case of believing the Core is superior to the Photon. It came down to bang for buck.

Actually Photons are cheaper than the Cores ever were.

mmm. So do you want to sell your Cores or not? I guess postage might be the painful part.

I will sell you mine Core v1.0 with 600er breadboard. Comes from the Kickstarter Campain with a part of the “maker kit”. PM me with your offer included shipping via paypal if you like.

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As PMed, it’s not that I don’t want to sell mine, but I want to save you the investment into “old” technology when there is a “cheaper”/better alternative.

I don’t need the money for the Cores - they happily dust away in my drawers and only to reproduce the problems of people who happen to still use Cores and run into issues in order to assist them.
But recently these requests don’t seem to come in very frequently, so I can part with my trusty ol’ Cores.

Hi @ScruffR - if you’re happy to part with them I will also happily pay postage - if I haven’t misunderstood your message above? Basically I’m happy with the very occasional WiFi dropouts I seem to be getting. At one point the problem was much worse than it is now but things seem relatively stable!

But why would you rather have cores than photons? :thinking:

Has been asked and answered :wink:

You want to know why core is better than photon?
I think It’s rare and hard to find. Almost like Antikythera mechanism.

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