Photon taking a long time to connect

Hi All,

I have ported my code from the Core to the Photon mostly small changes were needed but I am seeing a large difference in the time it takes to transmit data to my server from the Photon.

I am using manual mode

So here is what my code does

  1. Awakens from deep sleep
  2. Takes some readings from my sensors
  3. Sends the data off to my server via httpclient
  4. Connects to the particle cloud incase I want to flash it
  5. Then goes to sleep.

What I am seeing is it takes 27 seconds to do steps 1-3 on a core and 75 seconds for the same on a Photon. That is a hugh difference when you are trying to live off a battery.

Has anyone else seen this?

Any Ideas?

Hey @HardWater. Interesting findings. Does it always take that long?

Sometimes WiFi can take a long time to connect. We’re presently investigating why this is to look for a fix.

Hi @mdma

I would say yes. I noticed it was taking a long time on the 2 photons I am testing with. One is an early alpha and the other I just received a week ago. I only recorded the actual time for the latest unit but noticed these long cycles each time I ran the code.

Have you guys noticed the same?