Photon slow to connect to internet (long time flashing green)

I’m trying to pinpoint the reason for a slow-to-connect-to-internet issue on our once speedy Photons. Essentially the flashing green light goes on for quite some time. We’ve tried connecting on multiple networks, routers, and ISPs, and the issue remains. It will eventually make it to cyan, at which point things are pretty quick.

Any ideas on what may be going on? Also, the system mode is set to automatic to testing purposes.

I have the same problem since yesterday . Must be a central cloud issue. Anyone at Particle available to comment?

Is there still an issue?

Flashing green means it’s taking a long time to acquire a wifi connection/DHCP address - this is independent of the cloud. The issue is something local to you. Only when the device starts flashing cyan does it attempt to connect to the Particle cloud.

Problem now solved when I finally understood that using default settings my local void loop() must be running to allow the continous network connection . Also I have learned to still connect in Safe Mode to allow code to be updated.

May I suggest you collect this vital info somewhere early in startupguide together with the how you can adapt the network connection procedure using SYSTEM_MODE and STARTUP.
As now it could take quite some time to gather these facts from docs and forum for any Photon starter.

This is an old thread, but I’ve noticed that if I have multiple wifi credentials, it can take longer to connect… almost like it is trying them all out. When I delete all wifi credentials (hold setup until quickly flashing blue (i.e. will flash blue slowly first)) and then ‘particle setup wifi’ all over again, it is nearly instantaneous.

This could be especially concerning for people that tether on their phone but also connect via a home or office router.