Photon as a WiFi-scanner


I have a project where we want to make a WiFi scanner, but I cant figure out how to make the Photon list available WiFi networks.
I’ve tried Timothy’s example and the WiFi Sword for hobbits but none of them will compile at my end.
The only error I seem to find, is that I use the Photon instead of the Core.

Do any of you guys have a idea of how I am to do this?

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Take a look at the docs, that might help:

Thanks man!
I totally overlooked that one.

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Hi, would it be possible for the photon to detect if a new device connects to your network and then send an email or light an LED etc… Going one better one be for it detect wifi probes which you could use to light a different LED.

Done a bit of googling and it doesnt look like its possible, be great if it could as there would be some interesting projects.

With OpenWRT I’m pretty sure you can configure something like that - what router/firmware is your network run on? My idea would be to do something router-side and have the Photon linked up with that.

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добрый день, помогите с проектом карманный WIfI-сканер, как перепрограммировать настройки сканера wifi - все найденные wifi-сканы сохранились в txt. формате.

Google translation:
“good afternoon, help with the project pocket WIfI-scanner, how to reprogram the wifi scanner settings - all found wifi-scans are saved in txt. format.”