Photon: Problem can't scan Wifi

Hey everyone,
I have problem with scanning WiFi after the password changed.
When I use particle serial wifi I can’t find Name of the router.

Also when I use different Wifi then I reset the credential on the photon again the WiFi will disappear.

could anybody help me on that.

Your problem description is not very clear to me.
Can you elaboarte a bit more and maybe even show your code?

Hi @Lahmdi - we’ve seen your Support Request and one of our TSE’s will get to you shortly. I’ll post results here if the answer is noteworthy!

Hi @ScruffR , @marekparticle ,
Thanks for your effort.
the problem solved after I reinstall the CLI and photon drive.

now it is connected to the Wifi.

Thanks again for your help.
Best regards,

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