Can I use electron as a wifi hotspot

I’m checking the possibility of using electron as a wifi hotspot , which means after giving it 3g connection via my own SIM card and can I connect external devices (mobile phone) to electron’s wifi to gain internet access. If can how many devices can connect at once ?

The electron has no WiFi…


Hi @chamal

I think you are a bit confused: the Electron is a cellular-only device and does not have WiFi. The Photon, conversely, is a WiFi-only device (no cellular).

Even if you combined two devices to achieve what you want, I cannot imagine that it would be cheaper or easier than just getting a cellular hotspot.


Hi @bko,

Do you know a device which support both cellular (3g) and wifi ?


Like any of these?


if it is possible to hardwire an electron to a photon and get decent throughput between the two wouldn’t that be an inexpensive hotspot? or as it was called, a bridge.

No because the data rates are crazy expensive when using it for a hotspot.

The Electron would cost you $1 per MB of data transfer vs the cell phone company’s hotspot packages that are a fraction of that cost per MB.

yeah, i forgot to mention best not to use particle sim. maybe a t-mbile dat plan or a low tier cricket or whatever. my question was more hardware related. those personal hotspots are not cheap.

Electrons don’t come free either and the data rate is way lower than with a dedicated hotspot.

So if your prime use of such a device is not the µC side of the Electron I’d go with a dedicated hotspot even if they cost a few bucks more.

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