Electron in arduino form factor

Good morning , is there an electron in arduino uno R3 form factor like the Sparkfun does for the photon Redboard ?
Will be much more simple to use some arduino shield.
Let me know.

That should work for the electron as well with the caveat that some of the pins will be sticking out. You can still access those with some female jumper wires. Then again, those normally wouldn’t be available either, assuming you’re using a Photon/Core.

What kinds of shields are you planning on using?

for an IOT project , actually we are using arduino uno + ethernet shield + a connection to a 220v relè or in another configuration we are using arduino uno + serial rs 232 shield and again the 220V relè

ethernet and rs 232 are used to connect to our industrial printer to get the status , the electron will be connected to internet via their global sim so we will be able to get the status from the cloud or an OTA firmware if necessary.