Electron shield shield

Hey Guys,

I am wondering if anyone has connected the shield shield to the electron? I could just use jumper wires but I was wondering if there was any good tricks.



What exactly are you looking for?
The thing is, the Electron does not output 5V on the Vin pin when running off the LiPo, so you’d need to make sure you get 5V onto the shield to do the level shifting properly, but other than that I wouldn’t see any problem to just plug the Electron into the Photon headers and leave the extra pins hang over the edge.
The pinout of the USB-connector side of the Electron is just the same as on the Photon, with the only minor difference that the Electron has 3V3 bridged to VBAT by default and the Photon hasn’t.

Hey ScruffR,

Thanks for the help.

Oh so do you reckon just plug it straight in, has this worked for you?

I am running some shield using my photon on the shield shield, though my shields only need 3.7v, so that should be fine right?



Yup, I do and it has :wink:

This is an Arduino LCD Keypad Shield plugged into the Shield Shield with an 3G Electron.
This shield requires 5V to light the display, but as you see it works.

But there are some issues with high frequency signals not getting across the level shifters completely unharmed.
So no guarantee that every Arduino shield will work, but not risk for the Electron.

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If it fits it works!

Thanks once again scruffR

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