Shield Shield and MEH1-MEH4

On the Shield Shield schematic the level translator IC, shows MEH1-MEH4 on the 3.3V side. Do these connect to any pins on the Photon, if so which one’s? Where do HUH1-HUH4 go? I don’i see these on the Pin Assignment Chart.
I measure 150Ω between (A0 Arduino) and (A0 Photon), and likewise on (A1 Arduino) and (A1 Photon) but I can’t find A0 & A1 on the schematic. I will be using A0 & A1 in my code on the Photon can I still connect an Adafruit I2C_RGB_LCD Shield without isolating these A0 & A1 on the Display Shield? Thank you.

Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @tylercpeacock are you able to assist?


Hi Kyle,
Hey I was wondering if you’ve noticed I haven’t had any replies on my last 2 posts for help? Forget the 1st one but I was wondering if you have any contacts in the technical department at Particle that might be able to help? I’m trying to identify the dedicated mosfets, Q1 & Q2 used on the I2C lines so I can purchase another to fix the problem I’m having with the Shield Shield level converters. I can’t find the Marking code that has this information. Why do you think I can’t get any response?


Yes, let me ping someone else. @rickkas7 do you have any idea for this?

The help I need now is with the post I started on &/27 ( Remove TXB0108PWR Level Translator Shield), I’ve given up on my earlier post.
Thanks for your help.

Do you mean Kyle?

And when refering to another thread, why not post a link - this wouls make things easier to just hop over to the other thread instead of needing to search for …

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Yes I did mean Gregg. Sorry for that. Also great suggestion about adding link. The version 1 Shield did not have the I2C misfit, they were added in V2.

I still don’t know who this Gregg should be - @KyleG, do you have another name, we don’t know of :wink:
@ovro67, who are you talking to?

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I’m sorry for the confusion I caused. I meant KyleG. He is listed as the Particle Forum Moderator.