Photon shield shield - does it fix the i2c and onewire issues the core shieldshield has?


It looks like the Spark Core shieldshield has issues with passing through i2c and onewire communications.

Does the new Spark Photon shieldshield fix these issues?

@lael, I believe that is the plan :smiley:

@peekay123 Thanks peekay!

Be great to get official confirmation on this…

@mohit @zach

Hi Guys - I’m sure you are busy as anything getting all the new Spark goodies ready to go. It would be awesome if you’d be able to confirm whether the new shieldshield will fix the i2c and onewire issues the old (spark shielshield) has.


Hello @lael The new shield shield uses dedicated mosfet voltage translators on I2C lines and a separate optional high current 74ACT125 buffer that can be used for driving heavier loads.

Hi @mohit,

Thanks for your reply! I apologise for not knowing more… I’m fairly new at the whole arduino and electronics thing. So does that mean it should? has it been tested by any chance?


This is the datasheet for 74ACT125: if you want to see that it means.

I think @mohit would have tested it during the development phase. If i have a piece with me, i will do the test and report back :slight_smile:

Long story short, I2C and GPIO will work well in the next version :smile:

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Did you get a chance to test it? :slight_smile:

Last q - is the routing for the pins on the new shield shield the same as the routing on the previous version?

Unfortunately i don’t not have a piece but i believe the routing has changed a bit

You should hear more soon since they are all heading for production! :smiley:

Sorry, that was an unclear question - is the pin-mapping the same?

has an outline for the spark core, it would be nice to be sure whether it is the same for the fixed photon shield shield.