Spark core, shield and rfid

After several tires I decided to seek help in here.
I`m trying to connect spark core with the shield shield and rfid eval 13.56.

But I could not find a code that will work with it.
Any suggestions? (even the basic code there is)

Have you got a link for the RFID shield you’re trying to use? It’s a bit hard to tell where the problem might be if we don’t know what we’re dealing with.
Also, what have you tried so far, seeing as you’ve mentioned a couple of tries?

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I think I need more direction of how to handle the rfid. with the spark.

I’m just going to assume you haven’t really tried a lot, since there is example code provided on the page you linked to. You could’ve tried to copy that to the web IDE, after which you would have noticed it would give you a compiler error on the SoftwareSerial. If you’d searched the forum for that, you would’ve noticed there have been some topics regarding that in the past. You could’ve then asked if there was any progress made since then.
Seeing as I’m not up-to-date enough to comment on the SoftwareSerial issue, I’m going to politely ask @peekay123 to take a look at the code. Perhaps there’s some software magic he can summon to make it work.

I’ve just had to spend the last 40 minutes on something you kinda-really should’ve done before asking this question… That’s why I asked what you tried so far. In the future, please try to put in some effort beforehand and/or explain what you’ve tried, and what did, or didn’t, work. That’ll save both parties quite some time.

Best of luck!

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@omrigotlieb, that shield from sparkfun needs an RFID module for it to work! Without it, the board does nothing. Are you using an XBee with it as well?

The board can communicate via I2C which is the best way IMO. There are libraries I would port for you but I don’t know your level of knowledge at this point.