[Request - Solved] Nightshade Energyshield library port help request

Hey guys - currently working on porting the Nightshade Electronics energyShield library over to Spark.

For those unfamiliar with the product:

… and the port I am currently processing is over here.

I’m running into some incredibly basic errors involving variable formatting, but I can’t seem to resolve them and it looks like it has something to do with the order that the NS_energyShield eS; object is initialized in.

1.Wire.h calls aren’t working so great
2. Variables of type byte throw an error: 'byte' was not declared in this scope

There are probably more errors to work through once these variables are sorted out, but this is a start. Does anyone have a few minutes to run the compiler through a test?

Here’s a quick 3-file link for anyone that wants to drop in to a new app take a look:

This is probably a trivial fix, but I hugely appreciate any eyes on the code. Thanks for your time!

@emc2, add “#include application.h” in file nightshade-energyshield.h right after the commented out line "#include “Arduino.h”. That will fix everything. :smile:

Beautiful! That was it… thank you so much!

Never caught that even after reading through all of your other posts :smiley:

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Just finished soldering my EnergyShield together. Any chance you could point me to your updated library or make it available in the IDE? Getting ready to tinker tomorrow when the battery is charged.

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For sure, will link as soon as I’m back to the grind, likely tomorrow.

There’s another problem though, especially if you’re using the Spark Shield Shield - the energyShield I2C / 1-wire lines need some alternate jumpers soldered on the battery board if you are using them with the alternate communication pins.

I’m currently stuck on this - I jumpered the normal comm pins down to the alt comm pins but the Spark core is still reading null values across the board.

Library incoming asap!