[Request] RFM69 Wireless House

Hello all,
Spark Core is amazing and with the Google docs spreadsheet working I have an awesome graph of the temperature and pressure of my living room.
But I’d like to have the temperature and humidity of all the rooms in my house graphed. Anybody out there have some time port over the RFM69 library? The Core would be an awesome gateway for a bunch of sensor nodes…


@kitoochikun, I looked at the library and it should be straight forward to port. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.


That would be awesome, thank you.

@peekay123 , Just wondering of you had a chance to look through this library yet. I’ve been picking through the code and reading other forums and from what I can understand, the SPI.h and arduino.h library are automatically included so they can go away. I’m still learning, but I don’t see any platform specific lines in the code (except for one mention of Due being able to run at faster clock speeds) but I’m still getting compile errors. I’m sure the probelm is something simple that I just haven’t learned yet. If you get the change to get a spark compatible code I’d love to see it so I can compare the new and old…

@kitoochikun, I did and besides changing the #includes to double-quotes and addling #include “application.h” in RFM69.h, everything compiled just fine. I took the Gateway.ino sample code and conditionally compiled out the SPIflash stuff and changed the LED pin to D7 (onboard LED). I used Spark CLI to compile and everything looked good. Of course, I don’t have a module to test with.

Did you want me to post code up on a github gist so you can see it?

@peekay123, If you wouldn’t mind posting it, that would be great. I finally figured out the application.h, forgot about the LED pin changing to D7 (but that was low on my list) and compiled it with the build ide but am still getting errors. I know it must be something I did because the errors have to do with the application.h file. anyway, all that to say, Yes. If you could post an error free code that would be awesome. I have a module on its way so hopefully I’ll have a nice start to a wireless sensor network going this weekend.

@kitoochikun, no problemo! Here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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@peekay123, the link seems to be broken…
(EDIT) I got it to compile… I knew it was a simple problem. I forgot a bracket “}”… I guess sometimes you just have to step away and start over… thank you for your help.

@kitoochikun, that’s good neww! I fixed the link so you can take a look now :slight_smile:

I was able to get this to work. It’s pretty darn finicky but I don’t have a project per say to invest the time in getting it to work 100%.

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Thanks you @peekay123 for porting this library!. I am using this in one of my project. I just made the following change and is it working fine.

Line no. 90 of RFM69.cpp changed the line 

attachInterrupt(0, RFM69::isr0, RISING) to 

attachInterrupt(interruptPin, RFM69::isr0, RISING);

Thanks @peekay123, you are awesome!.


@krvarma, I love seeing the fruit of my labour. So glad I was helpful! :smile:


Hi guys,

I successfully ported the RFM69 Library for spark few days agos based on latest done by Felix and added some few features, it’s still under testing but it works.
I published the library in the Spark Web Dev repo, named RFM69, you should be able to see it