Using the Shield Shield and Relay Shield

I am completely lost as to how to use the shield shield and relay shield for the photon. I know that the shield shield can make any Arduino shield compatible with the photon, but how would I code for it? Same with the relay shield? I have been trying to find examples of it online as to how to use them but am unable to find anything. Is there a certain library I have to use, what are the commands that I need in order to get the compatibility between the Arduino shield (I am using the motor shield) and the photon? PLEASE HELP!!

Where is the relay shield from?

You can find out a lot about Particle shields in the docs.

It’s the one they sell on the Particle store.

I understand that, but I don’t understand how I code for it. Are there certain library functions I must use in order for it to work properly?

If you look under Community Libraries in the Build IDE,

You will see this:

You can try out the examples inside.

More information here as well: