Project guidance

Hi, I’m very familiar with the arduino environment, and Blynk, but haven’t used Particle before. So thought I’d just see if what I’m planning will work well.
A greenhouse controller:
Connect to my home WiFi, monitored with the Blynk app
(3) 110 receptacles for a couple heaters, and ventilation fan
A DHT22 sensor

It looks like a photon and the photon 4 relay shield should be all I need? It has enough breadboard for the DHT22, I the shield must take care of the level shifting for 3.3 volt between the photon and the relays. Is there a schematic diagram somewhere of the shield. Is there any reason this shouldn’t work for me? I’ll mount it all in an enclosure with the relays connected to panel mount receptacles.
I’ll have it turn the heat on to keep if above 40°, maybe an exhaust fan for in the springtime… could even use the 4th relay for water…

Have a look

@SouthernAtHeart, the relays are rated at 110V, 10A so make sure your heaters and fan are rated under that. Also, since you doing 110VAC wiring make sure to follow, as much as possible, local electrical code (wire gauge, insulation, etc.). How will you power the relay shield?

The relay shield takes care of all the driving of the relays so there is nothing for you to do there. I suggest using the PietteTech DHT library as it is the most reliable. This sounds like a great first project on Particle!

I’ll get a good quality 12V wall adapter (I by my electronics from DigiKey)
The folks also have Google home. So I just looked at that a little bit and it looks like particle plays nicely with adding custom commands to google home. For example “OK Google, what’s the humidity in the greenhouse?”
I’ll have to look for some documentation on how to set up particle with OK Google unless you could maybe point me in a good direction?

@SouthernAtHeart, I am not aware of any direct Google Home integration. There is an Alexa integration however.

Oh yes, I was thinking Alexa and Google home were kind of the same. I saw a nice YouTube video of Alexa working with particle. I did see something that said Google home and works with particle I’ll have to research it out.

Here, google actually recommends Particle, so it looks promising!

@SouthernAtHeart, seems a bit complicated. You may want to look here on how to use IFFFT and Google Home: