Particle Mesh Ethernet FeatherWing support

Does this means that we can connect to the particle cloud over ethernet (NOT WIFI)?

From what I understood, that is correct. Connectivity over Ethernet.

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I’d really like to see that explicitly confirmed by the team. They seem to be advertising Ethernet functionality pretty regularly, so I’m fairly optimistic, but I could also see it just providing wired connectivity between devices.

It was explicitly stated by Particle - I just can’t remember where.
BTW, it’s also mentioned somewhere during this presentation

Yeah, I did watch that. I know there was a question near the end where he mentioned the shield for Ethernet, but I didn’t hear that part addressed. There could have been another part of the presentation where I didn’t catch it though.

It seems like the consensus is it’s in there though, so that’s great. It’s definitely something our customers have been very interested in. Thanks.

Does that mean you can drop a WizNet 5000 next to a P0 or a P1 and it will know what to do? (perhaps with some massaging)

That would be stretching beyond what we know.
The system firmware for the 3rd Generation devices is still under construction and we so far only got confirmation that these devices will be able to route the cloud traffic through the Particle Ethernet FeatherWing.

Whether this feature will also be backported to 2nd Generation devices - which run on a different host controller - wasn’t explicitly stated.
We could specualte or ping @jberi

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It’s not that important, it’s just nice to know what is possible.

In addition to what ScruffR said, size is going to be an issue on the Photon/P1. The system parts are basically full, so I can’t imagine it would be possible to bring over the multi-network IP layer plus the Wiznet code, but I could be wrong. That’s just a guess, not an official answer.


Yes, any Particle Mesh device will be able to use the Ethernet FeatherWing to connect to the Device Cloud. So an Argon or Boron can use the Ethernet interface instead of Wi-Fi and Cellular. That also means a Xenon can be used as an Ethernet Gateway for a local mesh.


We don’t have any plans to make Particle Mesh accessories natively work Gen 1/Gen 2 devices. That said, we’ve seen the community make the W5500 work with a Photon #opensourceftw. NCD sells an overlay shield today if you’re interested in using Ethernet with a Photon (

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I didn’t find detailled spec for the shield. Can the Xenon be powered by Ethernet, or should it be plugged to USB cable?

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The Ethernet FeatherWing does not natively support Power over Ethernet (PoE.) You may use a PoE injector (we’re reviewing which ones to recommend) or power via USB/VIN.

We’re evaluating PoE and might consider supporting it in a future release depending on customer input. Thanks!