Can we get a new layout for the JTAG shield?

I think the JTAG shield layout is very unpractical. It is too bulky and the placement of the 20p JTAG connector is impractical when the spark is plugged into another board.

It would be much better to place the connector behind the USB connector, as in the photo below.

Yes, I cut mine in half.


Because the board is open source, I thought I’d have a go at routing it very quickly.

Quick route shows it can be routed without even needing any vias.

I can submit a pull request on GitHub if you want, but this is just a quick and dirty job.


@Elco can you add support for the Coretex-M JTAG 9-pin 0.5" Samtec FTSH connector?

Here is a link -

Hey @Elco - thanks for the feedback! We’re actually going to do a complete revision of the programmer shield and actually put an FTDI chip on the shield so you no longer need a ST-Link programmer, you’ll be able to use openocd by just plugging the new version of the shield into your computer over USB. At least I think that’s how it will work - am I correct @mohit?

Nice work @Elco !!

As Zach pointed out, the new revision that we are working on is based around FT2232 chip. This means, the programmer will be all inclusive and will not require a separate ST Link programmer.

We can potentially have a 6 pin breakout header for in-system JTAG programming. I’ll post the design here for review before proceeding with production.



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Is this JTAG programmer available? And, can it be used for debugging as well? Thanks!!

More info here: