What's your favorite way to prototype with Particle?

I found a nice way to prototype with our Feather form-factor boards over the weekend. Adafruit sells a $15 OLED feather wing with an onboard QWIIC connector. I think it pairs really well with Particle as it gives the user a display and an access to the STEMMA QT and QWIIC sensor ecosystem.

The second product is a $2 QWIIC to Grove adapter cable that now gives access to QWIIC interface to our grove shield.

What are some of your tips to prototype with Particle?


@mohit ,

I really like this idea especially since that display could provide debug / testing data as new hardware / software is developed.

My frustration with QWIC and STEMMA is that they went with 4-pin connectors and that makes it hard to take advantage of hardware interrupts. As you know, hardware interrupts are essential for low-power development - which is my focus. So, I find myself starting with breadboards.

So, My prototype process is:

  • Build the first generation on a breadboard using SMD to through hole adapters. Some of the breadboard helpers I like are:

OSH Park ~ ← Here is a little board I made to connect the power rails on the top and bottom of the breadboard.

  • Then, I will get three boards made at OSHPark and hand or hot-plate solder them
  • Finally, I will do a small run at MacroFab

Thank you for starting this thread! I am looking forward to learning about more great ways to prototype.



That’s very true. I’m glad that they still breakout those pins as headers even though they are not accessible via the connector itself.

Thanks for sharing your protoboard ideas! I use a bunch of similar ones too. They do seem very useful.

Hey Mohit!
Happy to see you around.

I use breadboards for all my projects.
When there are specific needs, I go for an NCD board, like this one:

or this one:

Some time ago, I didn’t know about the existence of these Mikroe boards. Now I’m looking forward to using them in my next projects:



Oh yes, NCD, I haven’t used their boards since Electron. I need to look into it.

We have a growing fan base for the CLICK boards here at Particle as well!


Are the modules plugged into the Adafruit doubler?

Yes, they are indeed plugged into the doublers.

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Oh I wish this thread never dies so I can learn from how other people are doing prototypes and eventually products…

One thing that I started using this year, right after my initial breadboard design, is to use these connectors to “solidify” them since moving them from one place to another sometimes leads to wires coming out of the breadboard with harmful consequences.

So this is how I glue things together:


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