Particle Photon Breadboard Puller Tool [Thingiverse]

I created this tool today at work. It can be used to pull Photons out of breadboards or headers. I hope you guys find it useful. I certainly do.


So I’m not the only guy who regularly bends pins or sticks them through my skin sometimes trying to pull out Photons and Electrons from protoboards! :smile:

Something like this should be included in the or be part of the case the Photon comes in.

They say “Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions”. This is a prime example of that I would say :slight_smile:

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If you want me to make Electron and Feather versions I can.

Making an Electron version may be less feasible because of the components on the underside near the edges.

Don’t do it just for me, I don’t have a 3D printer to print them out anyways.

I do think this is a common problem people have.


I’ve improved the model by rounding the edges so they aren’t as sharp.

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For those of us who do not have 3D printers, have you given any thought to producing and selling these?

Yeah if there were enough of you guys interested I guess.

Awesome design and idea. Great work.

I’ve made a Feather version that should work with all Feather boards: