Announcing MikroE Click Library Port

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new MikroE Library port! This port brings a wealth of benefits to the Particle platform, opening up new avenues for your creativity and development.

With this port, you can now connect your Particle devices to an even larger array of microcontroller platforms and interfaces. This means you get access to a wider range of high-quality development boards and accessories, making your projects more versatile and powerful.

One of the standout features of this port is the faster time-to-market it offers. The compatibility with MikroE Click boards allows you to quickly and easily add functionality to your projects, accelerating the development process and getting your ideas off the ground faster than ever before.

Check out the new MikroE Library port and start expanding the horizons of your Particle projects!


we are attempting to use the Micro shields with the Boron. I'm following this instructions for integrating the ADC18. There is an include file "mcu_definitions.h" missing. Can you point me to where this is or what might be in it?


Hey, I see that adc18.h includes spi_specifics.h and this file can be commented out since the port relies on device OS for SPI implementation. I ran through the porting procedure using the same library with that line commented out and everything compiles on my end. Give that a shot and let me know if that works for you!

So commenting this out seemed to work for me.

But, I'm also trying to get the boost-inv-3 working with the Feather Click Shield. I have the ADC18 in MikroBus 1 and the boost-inv-3 in the MikroBus 2. When the setup() runs in my app using the init from the example app, it fails on the boostinv3_default_cfg ( &boostinv3 ).

The setup looks like this:
boostinv3_cfg_setup( &boostinv3_cfg );
if ( I2C_MASTER_ERROR == boostinv3_init( &boostinv3, &boostinv3_cfg ) )

The setup and init of comms doesn't error, but when executing the default_cfg it fails.

Thanks for your help. Any insight on this issue would be helpful.

I'd like to say the Mikro stuff is exactly what we've been looking for. We are trying to get these tested with the Boron to replace our current field deployments.

Thanks for all this work.

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