LeddarOne Library Port

Hello all,

Would any experts here take a stab at porting the Arduino LeddarOne library so it can be used with the Particle Electron? The Arduino library is located here

The LeddarOne is a very nice object detection sensor with many uses. I got it to work on the arduino Uno with the included example but now need to use it with my Electron. I am willing to give a small donation for your coffee as you work :wink:



Did anyone port over the library?

Hi Allan,
Unfortunately no one did. I had to switch to the lidarlite v3. Works OK using PWM



@Allan, sorry for the late response on this. Porting the library requires only that the declaration of SerialPort be changed so that Serial1 is used. Otherwise, the code should work without issue. If you need assistance, let me know.

Great to hear! I had a friend of mine look it over and believe he did just that. We can just upload it from IDE for other to use right?

@Allan, you need to make sure it is correctly formatted for v2.0 libraries (which it should be already), publish it privately and if everything works, publish it for all to use. Thanks!

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So I’m a noob and don’t really understand how to publish a private library. I read the part in the particle doc and placed in # publish you library $ particle library publish mylib but it didn’t take it. Do I need to format it differently?