Help with Mikroe Click Shield, Click ADAC, and B5SoM

Good afternoon,

I am using a Mikroe Click shied for Particle Gen 3, a Click ADAC board and B5SoM. I have followed the guide ( particle-iot/mikroe-library-port_drivers ( and think I have followed it correctly. To test I have just ryed to compile the default ccp program but it fails to compile.

Has anyone used this hardware configuration or similar. I want to use the ADAC board at this stage to act as a digital in interface.


Hey @PaulAugood,

I haven't tested that exact MikroE Click board, but I have tested and confirmed the port procedure work with others. Did you make the library modifications outlined in the instructions? Also, you can't just use the main.cpp file in the library as is, you need to follow the directions in this section.

Providing your code and the output with errors will help get your issue resolved if the above info doesn't fix it.