Particle Mesh A-Series Schedule

When will more information be released for the Mesh A-Series module? What is the module’s estimated dimension spec?

The Mesh developer hardware is using the Adafruit Feather form factor, if that’s what you’re asking. If not, would you mind elaborating?

The specifics have not been released, but they have an M.2 NGFF connector. It’s designed to support two-sided modules, 22x30mm or 22x42mm. I believe it has 67 pins, a key to prevent installing the module upside down, and a screw to hold the module in place securely.

The B series is definitely the large size. I think the A series and the X series are the small size, but I could be mistaken.


Can we obtain a 10k unit quote?

We’ll be releasing more information about specifications and availability of A/B/X-Series products in Q4. They’re still in development, and the team is focused on getting our existing dev kit hardware to preorder customers.

If you’re interested in quotes for the A/B/X-Series, please contact our sales team, and we’ll let you know once we have public pricing available.

Hi Will,

I’ve tried multiple times to reach out to your sales team, can you get them to contact me at please so I can schedule a call with them? Need to scope out volume pricing, release plan & designs for A/B Series modules, couple of other things.



Any further early info on Pinout? It would be VERY useful to get a jump on this :slight_smile:

The P1 is a really great cost effective solution, but the one thing it was missing was BT for configuration/mesh-y type stuff.

Fingers crossed pricing is aggressive like the P1. We want to put these things everywhere!

There has not been a public release of the M.2 pinout yet.

Okay, thanks rickkas7. Eagerly awaiting…

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@will . Following up - can you get your sales team to drop me a line via email to setup a time to speak with them?