Mesh SoM M.2 specification

Having used Photons with headers during scale up has proved the right decision since there has been quite a bit of swapping of MCUs on mother boards and provisioning off board. Thinking about moving to the Mesh/3G MCUs the SoM factor is very appealing in that factory setup could be done off mother board and then insert and swapped if necessary. Have you got any more details on the M.2 NGFF Connector that this is being designed to use. Single or double sided, key/pin usage, height, etc.

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+1 - Looking for this also… but I was just going to wait for Mesh pre-orders to start shipping. Love the new form-factor. Very excited about it.

The specifics have not been released, but yes, it’s an M.2 NGFF connector. It’s designed to support two-sided modules, 22x30 mm or 22x42mm. I believe it has 67 pins, a key to prevent installing the module upside down, and a screw to hold the module in place securely.


Any news on this?
I vote for Key B as it will fit our hardware :slight_smile:

Hey @derchris - the last feedback from G3CC was that the SoMs are due sometime later this year. Maybe someone from Particle can reply with a more accurate answer.

It’s an M.2 NGFF connector with key type 4. For example, a TE 2199230-4.

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