Particle Mesh Schematics

When will the Particle Mesh schematics be made available? Looking to integrate into new design and need these to get started.

Have you seen this?

The Mesh devices are using the Adafruit feather form factor.

This is excellent content, thank you! I was looking for power questions, what are the specifications on the built-in battery charging circuit? We are trying to design a board around these and need more detail to proceed.

Let me know what’s possible to share, this content just shared is also very useful!


I believe the open source design files (Eagle schematics and board files, etc.) will be released on Monday (October 22).


Will Device OS firmware and mesh documentation be released on Monday as well?

I think the device OS/system firmware will be merged into the public Github repository a little later than that. Only some of the documentation like the setup guides, will be released on Monday.

The detailed technical docs will be released a little later as well.


Dang it.

@rickkas7 Any news on the Eagle design file for the new mesh boards…specifically Boron? I just checked GitHub and I don’t see any updates.


I went ahead and used the attached pinout (Xenon … consistent with the Feather specs). Today I finished laying out and ordered the first batch of Boron boards for Project Bluebird in eager anticipation. The Eagle Feather part library was elusive. Adafruit has a Github repo, but it only contained a part for the Feather Wings with pinouts that were a bit convoluted. Finger’s crossed that will put up some proper Eagle parts soon…


Project Bluebird 2 Looks Cool! Another great IOT solution.

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I love the Bluebird concept. I just explored the entire site and I think it is a great initiative in the colossal challenge we face to revert climate change. Good luck maturing the concept/prototypes.

We do have an Eagle feather device footprint that has the Particle labels for the pins instead of the generic feather pin names. I’ll see if I can get that released.


Thank you. I could not be more excited about Ambient Technology. Just deployed eight new sensors around an active drilling location. One of the ‘bird houses’ has a complete meteorological setup, including wind direction/speed. It is remarkable to watch the interaction between tVOC levels and the movement of air when they are drilling through a gas rich zone. As one would expect, the plume coming off the mud pits will cause spikes in the upwind sensors.

I’m excited to get my hands on a Boron as I suspect to see lower power consumption (relative to the 3G Electron)…and that means more frequent sampling!


How did you end up creating this solution?

Were you already involved in the oil and gas drilling industry or was it just a need you saw untapped and decided to reach out to let them know you can help them keep track of these emissions?

Perhaps this conversation belongs outside of this forum. Please email me darmitage at

I took the chances of creating a post about Project Bluebird and another source of methane pollution here:


Thank you for this shout out @gusgonnet. I finally took the time to create a Losant ‘Experience’. Just a first baby step for Project Bluebird (aka Project Canary…I am in the process of rebranding).

You can see my pass at the dashboard here. Getting a handle on methane emissions regardless of source is critical if we are going to save this fragile spaceship of ours.

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Great work. I really like your project. If you get stuck on Losant @RWB is a great resource. He helped me get setup. I still have lots to do but I love the format.


@rickkas7 Are the schematic library symbols available now for the new MESH development modules (not the schematics of the modules, but the Eagle symbol library items for the modules, including the Xenon). It would be nice to have versus just the Adafruit Featherwing prototype board symbol. Thx!