Particle Mesh local toolchain

Will the new Particle mesh boards use the same gcc arm toolchain the core, photon, P1, electron, and duo use?

I am dreaming of seamlessly adding support for Particle mesh to po.

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Yup! Same Firmware/Device OS and most notably, build system.



Is the mesh firmware live (or in alpha) yet on GitHub? I’d like po to have mesh support by the time mesh begins shipping.

Hi @nrobinson2000,

The Mesh-related firmware will be released at once the hardware starts shipping. So while it isn’t available in alpha it should be relatively easy to integrate into your tool when it goes live.

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It still looks like the firmware development is being done in secret. I can’t seem to find it on GitHub. :wink:

@nrobinson2000, not so much “in secret” as being ready for release!

I guess I’ve never seen this branch you mention.

@nrobinson2000, the “branch” is private until it is ready to release… soon!

Hence it being “in secret” :wink:

Secret makes it sound like they are doing it without anyone’s knowledge. Not ready for release means they haven’t put the spit and polish on it to make it nice and perty for release to the masses. Semantics perhaps but an important nuance :wink: