Argon Bootloader + Firmware on third party hardware

I am currently working with someone who has a nrf52840 already implemented in their hardware but wants to transition their mesh network to utilize the particle servers. Is it possible to load the particle bootloader on a 3rd party hardware setup through swd ? Are there specific hardware requirements that need to be met before this can be loaded? (I’m trying to avoid redesigning the PCB from the current configuration) If this is possible, is there a procedure or guide available?

At this time Particle is not supporting Device OS on non-Particle hardware, nor its connection to the Particle cloud.


Does this apply only to mesh devices? Photon/Electron as well?

It applies to all Particle devices.

Gotcha. Looks like we’ll be forced to use a SOM product if we want to add particle server functionality. Unfortunately it looks like the upcoming mesh SOM is going to be too large for our application since it looks like it will use an edge connector. The data sheets aren’t out yet so if someone knows of an upcoming different configuration of the mesh chips let me know. Does anyone know when more info/datasheets on these chips are coming out?

Are we sure there is no way to even buy a license of particle software? Seems like particle is missing a good opportunity by limiting their environment to just their hardware.

depends on how you look at the opportunity. if particle did license the bootloader/firmware it seems to me some enterprising individual could figure a way to produce a compatible hardware device and offer for sale for maybe 1/3 or less of the price on a particle device. then what would particle charge for a license? seems to me it would be a great first step out of devices and into licensing which is the absolute last thing particle would want to do after spending a few years developing the hardware/firmware.