Flashing Firmware, System Firmware and Bootload from Code

Due to the recent announcement of Particle Mesh being deprecated, we now have a defunct few products and concepts that we need to source an alternative way to flash from a gateway. So our options are to go with another module like Zigbee or lora or some other mesh based connectivitiy.

However this is all mute if we can’t flash the User/System/Bootloader of the target Particle (So in this instance would now be an Argon just with Wifi Disabled and acting like a Xenon).

So is there going to be the ability to be able to flash code from the build in application or should we start looking at an alternative platform?



You can still flash Xenons via USB.

IIRC, when sticking with anything up to 1.6.0 the mesh functionality will still be present (at least till end 2020) - it will be removed from the device OS thereafter.

Sure, but how can it be done via the application firmware. If I have 50 particles in the field, I don’t want to be connecting to all 50 with my laptop to update them, every time I need to update the firmware.

I’m trying to find a way to mitigate the deprecation of Xenons without having to ditch them outright and keep them active for at least a few more years.

OTA functions are available in user code, but not documented very well. I posted a (now non-working) example of flashing OTA via HTTP. I haven’t had time to revisit this code, but it could probably be revived with some effort. In theory you could flash new code OTA via Particle cloud, and then use a custom routine to flash OTA outside of Particle Cloud in the future.

EDIT: Original post here. OTA over HTTP working example!

Cool, thank. This looks like a good place to start.

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