Mesh Endnode, Particle connected but cannot be flashed

I am using Device OS 1.1.0 on a Xenon and I am trying to switch on OTA flashing for a previously mesh only endnode Xenon where the application and device OS have been loaded via dfu-util/usb flash. This appears to work, i.e. the LED breathes cyan to demonstrate a Particle Cloud connection and the call to System.updatesEnabled() returns true yet a OTA flash does nothing. From the Web IDE it will return success but the LED never flashes magenta and the device never reports any spark events in the console. I have noticed that the device appears to have Tinker functions declared and no variables. I can flash the gateway without issue. Any ideas why this is not working?

[Edit] I am calling Particle.connect(); and waiting for connected before System.enableUpdates(); - could this be the issue? I can’t test this at the moment as travelling.

I have managed to get this working but on 1.2.1-rc.3 - so I am wondering whether there was a problem with 1.1.0? Solved.

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