[off topic] Project Bluebird and methane and flying cows

Hey, I was reading this post from @Darmitage :

First, my modest opinion on it:
Impressive and great work!

This project connected somehow to something I read before from @billGates (wait, what? he's not using Particle products yet? too bad for him). This one:

where he goes to mention that methane pollution coming from cattle is something to consider.
Look at this!
Those inoffensive animals rank 3rd (well, not exactly because of them, but because how we "use" them). I get now why all those people wanting to eat more plants and less meat fight that fight.

All to say, since Project Bluebird monitors methane, it may have other applications besides oil/gas well monitoring. And all to say that I wanted to talk about Project Bluebird.
Very nice presentation on their web site, catchy for sure:

FYI @RWB @overcode

Anyway, David, I just felt like posting a link my mind made here. Other than that, nice Losant chars you guys created.


Thank you for this shout out @gusgonnet and the link to the Bill Gates article. I finally took the time to create a Losant ‘Experience’. Just a first baby step for Project Bluebird (aka Project Canary…I am in the process of rebranding).

You can see my first pass at the dashboard here. Getting a handle on methane emissions regardless of source is critical if we are going to save this fragile spaceship of ours.