P2 Wi-Fi Module SMT footprint and solder specs?

P2 Wi-Fi Module SMT footprint and solder specs? I can't find them anywhere.

A P2 footprint is avaiable for EagleCAD in Particle-Devices.lbr in hardware-libraries


The reflow profile is in the datasheet.

The footprint is the same as the P1, but some pin names have changed so beware of that if using a P1 footprint.

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You are awesome!

I assume the pin names are updated in this library?

The pin names in the P2 footprint in Particle-Devices.lbr are correct.

I only mentioned the P1 alternative in case you were using a different CAD program. Since the P1 has been out longer it's been converted to more formats.

Is there an eagle drawing of the photon 2 feathering product? It would be easier just to copy everything on it to a new pcb.

There should be a Photon2 footprint in Particle-Devices.lbr.

I want the whole circuit not just the footprint.

You can just use the existing featherwing footprint in your design, however note the differences in the Argon to Photon 2 migration guide as a few pins are different.

Or you can do a swap part match location with the Photon 2 footprint, however you still need to make the required changes for A5, S4 and if SPI1, if you are using that.

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