Change IDE color options?

Is there a way to change the colors to provide higher contrast on the code IDE display?

If I had to develop with those colors, I think I would do a lot of cut and past due to the color choices. I find the dark colors very hard to read.

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That’s a common request and has made it on the ToDos

In the mean time, there’s always Particle Dev, which is based on Atom, and extensible as such. Plugins all the way :wink:

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I was just grappling with the same issue. If you install on your computer you are able to configure the colors (and themes) in settings. I don’t see anything similar online. I agree… the text is very difficult to read; reading shaded things like the comments is almost impossible. I’m looking forward to a fix.

It’s almost two years since the last post in this thread. Has any progress been made on this issue?

Unfortunately, there has not. By now Particle Workbench has succeeded Particle Dev which offer much greater flexibility and an improved feature set compared to the online IDE.

I’m still pushing for improvement on the Web IDE though, so it’s definitely not forgotten.

OK, thanks. The various options are a bit confusing, eg the Tutorials only mention Build and Dev. Is Workbench the preferred option now??

While still in Beta, Workbench is the way to go instead of Dev. The Web IDE is separate from that and could suffice on its own, depending on your needs.