Web IDE code colors

Are there any plans to allow users to change colors used in the web IDE? For me, the comments are incredibly hard to read and I’d like to make them a little more different than the background.

Color contrast is important for programming interfaces, and the Particle Web IDE has some stuff (comments) that lack contrast, and other stuff (expressions, string literals) with too much contrast. The overall effect is an interface that’s garish, challenging to look at for long periods, and just plain hard to read. Compare this with something like PHPStorm (https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/) and you’ll see what a dark interface could look like when colors are well-picked.

In addition, the color of comments on the background color is low enough contrast that it’s not accessible to those with color-vision disabilities based on W3C guidelines. Letting the users select our own colors would go a long way in making the interface more accessible to everyone.

At least make those comments stand out more.


cc’ing our IDE guru @suda here!

That’s a great idea Ryan! It’s definitely something we would want to have in the future.

Thumbs-up for this.

Gray text on a black background, seriously !!

Please, soon !