CFOD Problem Revisited [Closed]

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Hi @galburt

You have another thread with a similar title and the post you reference above are not necessarily CFOD related. The second one is almost certainly related to Apple routers with b/g and n networks with the same SSID, for instance.

Do you still need this thread?

The reason why smart config doesn’t work on my network is I have an Airport Extreme. This is setup to broadcast the same SSID & WPA passphrase for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. My iPhone will jump on the 5Ghz one and the spark core only sees the 2.4Ghz one, which stops them talking using the smart config.

This is an sneaky, but completely understandable issue. I feel it should be made clear in the docs (maybe it already has?) as it was a while before I reached this “ah haaa!” moment :slight_smile:

My two production cores (one controlling a striplight in my kitchen, another controlling my blinds) have been fine recently. I’d notice pretty quickly if these stopped working, and they’ve been fine for the last ~month. Although I do see the blind controller dropping off the network and flashing green/cyan for a bit before connecting back again. Hopefully this will be fixed competely once the CFOD patch is released officially, which I’m happy to wait for.

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No, that empty message was a mistake. Sorry.