Case for Raspberry Pi

Here’s something to 3D print while you’re waiting for the Particle on Raspberry Pi beta to start.

Enjoy :wink:


The link to the model would be handy you know. :wink:

The image is the link :wink:

I didn’t realize that.

Case looks good.

I’ve signed up for the beta. While I’m waiting for it to start I’d like to read the documentation if it’s available yet?

Will the Particle firmware run as a service, or process, in in some sort of container, or within an emulator? How will it interface with hardware such as wifi, serial and ports? Will it be single instance or multiple? Will the firmware be able to communicate with processes running in the Pi operating system over tcp and udp? How will data persist?

Is there enough space for a Pi cobbler like this one on Adafruit to fit in?

Is there a clear and tested script for setting up the CLI and DFU-utils on Raspbian handy…for USBlib 1.0 or better yet for a clean apt-get?

particle-cli and dfu-util installation is one of the features of po-util, a script that I maintain which sets up all of the tools for local development and makes local development smoother with its all new library manager.

That was my way of asking which distro to think about…Maybe UBUNTU…is right for me…

I would personally recommend Linux Mint, it’s based on Ubuntu and it has a much better desktop environment than Ubuntu.

po-util does work on all Debian, RHEL, and Arch based distributions though.

The idea of the beta is to help define a lot of those things. As of now, the firmware runs as an executable managed by a daemon.

I’m working on writing the documentation ahead of the beta.