Raspberry Pi comes to Particle! Sign up for the beta

Hey Particle friends,

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the forums in the last month, you may have noticed that we’ve hinted in various posts at a possible collaboration between Raspberry Pi and Particle. Last night on Adafruit’s Ask An Engineer, we announced the big news:

###All existing Raspberry Pi devices, as of late November, will be able to connect to the Particle Cloud!

We’ll be launching Raspberry Pi support for individual Particle accounts as a beta to start, and rolling out access to the rest of our waiting list in the following weeks. To learn more about the integration and to sign up for the Particle Pi beta, please visit our sign up page at particle.io/particle-pi and post questions to this thread!

Note - only the first 1,000 sign ups will be accepted into the initial beta release, so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP!

<a style='text-align: center; margin:auto; 'href=“https://www.particle.io/products/development-tools/raspberry-pi-on-particle” target="_blank"> SIGN ME UP!

More details to come. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Raspberry Pi Foundation on this integration and to invite 10,000,000 pieces of awesome new hardware to the Particle Cloud :slight_smile:

PS - Here’s the clip from Ask An Engineer last night:


Hey folks! Just wanted to give you all the inside scoop that our beta is getting close to full! We’re going to be sending out a broader communication to the community next week in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so make sure to sign up soon if you want to be included in the first batch of beta users.


I’m ready!!! :pray: :smile:


I looked at the Raspberry Pi starter kit on the store and it looks well composed. I would however recommend the T - Cobbler over the normal cobbler, as it is better for prototyping with.

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I also picked up a RasPi 3 + Camera for the security camera demo.

Tried RetroPie & OSMC on it so far and both were pretty impressive. A pretty powerful machine for $35.

Can’t wait to learn how to program it like we can with the Photon and Electron devices.

I feel this was a wise move to increase Particles user base :smiley:


Any update on the raspberry pi beta program. I missed the first cut and am eagerly waiting for my invitation.

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Hey there! We released to another 1,000 users last week, and are planning to roll out to a third tranche next week.

Stay tuned!


Great to see this mainly for the ethernet, I have a few projects coming up and one needs around 300 devices so wifi is out of the question due to dropouts

Is there any documentation on limitations when running on the pi? The main aspect I need is cloud control/programming as well as controlling some relays and reading inputs

Don’t really fancy building a full nodejs stack if I can use the cloud


Hi, I got my kit in time for Christmas, now I’m realizing I need a beta device ID to install the agent. I’ve signed up for the beta but not getting any emails confirming. Can you help get me started?

Send me a PM with the email that you used to sign up for your Particle account and I’ll take care of the rest. We have a system for registering users who purchased through our store or Adafruit, but it relies on human people who are currently off for the holidays. Thanks for your patience and I’ll get you what you need ASAP!

Happy holidays!

Hey I saw your post to Dennison33 about getting a beta ID for the raspberry pi integration and was wondering if you would be able to also set up my account? my email is sunwoldb@gmail.com. Thanks for your help.

my hello world project with Pi+Particle:

Gustavo. :smile:


Hey @BradenSunwold we’re only granting expedited access to individuals who purchased a Particle + Raspberry Pi kit from our online store or via Adafruit. If you have purchased a kit, instructions for achieving access to the beta should have been sent to you separately.

That’s awesome! Would you tag it with the Particle Pi product tag so that we can group it with other projects that use the newly developed particle-agent?

Hi @will Still no email on the getting into the beta. The email I used is the same one thats in my profile on this forum. Thanks for the help.

Hey @adam704a – we have not yet opened up the beta to our entire signup list, but hope to do so before the end of January. If you haven’t received an email, you probably haven’t received access yet. Hang tight! Thanks for your patience.

Hi Will, I’ve tried to tag it with “Particle Pi” and can’t. The particle pi as a product does not come up in the list of possible hardware (things) to select. Do you want to check/maybe create it?
It seems I can’t create it myself (or don’t know how).

@gusgonnet i don’t think a Raspberry Pi can be placed under a product since it’s still under beta. :slight_smile:

could be, just that Will asked me to tag it as such:

Let’s see, maybe there is some setup missing in Hackster

Opps was thinking about console and not hackster :see_no_evil: