Update on the beta and wider roll-out?


I’m just wondering if you can provide an update on the beta and if possible any details on the relaese date(s) or more beta enrollment dates for people like myself who didn’t make the cut for the beta?


I’d like to know also… it seems I missed the rollout… Are we look at weeks or months? Have there been any major unexpected issues or just the usual minor gremlins…

There was some “implicit update” in the Particle Updates category

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@ScruffR Thanks for that… just wanted to get some feel of the rollout timeframe…:wink: Plus it seems they have been a little busy polishing off the new library manager… I’m not sure about the name though… bit of a mouthful! :open_mouth:

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Hey folks! Just wanted to mention that we did another large roll out this afternoon, so many of you should have invites waiting for you in your inboxes! Have fun!

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Hey Will,

Thanks for that. And I can confirm that I got this lovely message in my inbox a few hours ago, so I will be now able to set about breaking the particle servers… um, I mean, trying all the new Particle Raspberry Pi goodness! :angel: :laughing:


That’s great! Once you have the time to break our servers try out the Particle Pi goodness, we’ll be sure to ban you from the Particle Cloud ask for your feedback on the beta!