Have experience with Raspberry Pi? We'd love to chat with you!

Hey folks! We’re looking for volunteers!

If you have any experience developing projects with Raspberry Pi hardware (and Raspbian, Raspberry Pi’s official OS), we’d love to chat with you.

We’re looking for 5-10 members of our community who would be willing to chat with a couple of our team members for an hour or so about their experiences using Raspberry Pi for project and product development. You should also own at least one Particle device (Core, Photon, Electron) and have a basic familiarity with our development tools.

If you’re interested and meet the qualifications above, post in the thread below with a sentence describing your experience level. We’ll select a random group of individuals that includes both beginners and advanced users and reward everyone who participates in the focus group with a $30 gift certificate to the Particle store.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

Will @ Particle


@will, we have experience using RASPI for dev and production projects. Our schtick is to use .NET C# on mono or the new .NET CORE.

This fits in with our company coding skillset which centers on C# for highlevel work and C/CPP for embedded.

Cheers @UMD


Hi @will,

I would consider myself to be very confident with Raspberry Pi. I am great with general Raspberry Pi knowledge and Linux (I’m fluent in Bash), and have made many projects involving Bitcoin Mining, Robots, Security, Programming, and most recently using my Raspberry Pi 3 as a Homebridge server with Photons serving as HomeKit accessories.

I also love using Raspberry Pi’s for media centers, web servers, and messing around with various programming languages.

I would be happy to chat with the Particle team about Raspberry Pi.

PS: I’m also good with C++ and using Particle Devices and Tools. My proudest contribution is po-util.


Hi @will,

I consider myself an advanced Pi user, and a beginner programmer. I’m using 3 Raspberry Pis at home - one for media center, one for vpn access to my home network, one as a home automation system based on NODE-RED with switches wired directly to GPIO pins, MQTT remote devices and LFIX bulbs connected.

My Particle experience is solid C++/ Wiring and Particle tools knowledge. You can see my last Particle baby here:

And… let me guess: Is Particle cloud for Raspberry Pi coming ?
I knew It ! YES YES YES !


I’m pretty decent with the rasp pi’s, have it running a blynk local server to log data from a few photons with sensors. Have a 21.co bitcoin payable endpoint for sensor data running on another. Have a magic mirror to put together when I get time.

But I would be your newbie when it comes down to it.


I have two Rpi’s one doing some stuff with my Hue Lights and another just plays music with pi music box.
2 internet buttons. One doing some other stuff with the hue lights. The other showing local air quality data.

I’m not much of a coder but I’m pretty good with bash scripts and setting up services and getting things going.


Thanks for the volunteers! Loving that there are some beginners and more advanced users volunteering to chat with us :slight_smile:

Have to keep plans under wraps for now but feel free to use your imagination :wink:

Any other volunteers?


I am an advanced RasPi user.
I have built several BBQ smoker controllers using Raspberry Pi…hand assembled and solder HeaterMeter boards for the rasPi.
I generally use a Pi when I want full access to the linux stack, since I write code in Bash, Perl, and even occasionally PHP (dont tell anyone).
My current lineup is a few RasPi 2’s and I even have a Pi Zero with an IOT Hat from Redbear.
Oh ya, and I’ve been working on getting a RasPi to control our X-Carve CNC router. That has sucked.
and we have a RasPi with a 7 inch touchscreen. No idea what we will use that for.

I think I might buy too many dev boards.


Morning Will.

I am a hobbyist who uses Raspberry Pi’s for home automation. I programme in Python and use MySQL, PubNub and Flask in my toolset. I have developed a pool management system with timers and switches, as well as quite a comprehensive sprinkler management system, all of which is controlled physically through switches, configurable timers and over the web.

I use the photons as data gatherers passing data to the Pi’s using PubNub and EON

Happy to help if need be, but I do preface the conversation by saying the I coded for 5 years at the start of my career, but now I am a businessmen who loves playing in the micro world.



Thanks for the replies, everyone! We’d love to chat with all of you. I will start a PM with this group to coordinate times that we can chat. Thanks for volunteering!

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