Particle-agent on Next Thing CHIP

For fun and to try and use the Particle Cloud for a project I wanted to do and get the particle-agent onto a CHIP. I’m not sure what code is needed to be changed in order to get things up and running so I just started by attempting to install the agent and see what happens. Here is what I got with some image grabs, perhaps someone (@jvanier) might be able to help.

This is what I got running the setup

I then checked the log and read this

I checked to make sure a firmware.bin was at that location and there was

And lastly I checked that I had a token and device ID present.

So I think it would be nice to get a CHIP onto the Particle Cloud being it has WIFI, Bluetooth and run off a battery, O and its $9

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That’s great! I’m out of the office right now so I’ll be able to give you some hint when I get back.

Try running the firmware directly. Cd to the device directory and do sudo ./firmware.bin


I’d be interested to see what the file permissions for that file are.
CD into the correct directory and do ls -l fileware.bin. What output do you get?

I haven’t got a chance to play around with it yet but I should be able to tonight or tomorrow night.
@jvanier thank you and I will try running right from the firmware.bin file.
@harrisonhjones I will give post what I get back with this.

I will have to play with this a little more tomorrow night, long day at work for me today. Marry Xmas, Happy Holidays everyone!!


Maybe I missed something, but how can you run a raspberry pi compiled firmware.bin file on a completely different CPU chip.

That’s where the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) comes into play

@rcomeau yea I just tried to run the firmware to see what happens. It clearly didn’t work, firmware is a never area for me so I’m just playing around to see what happens.