Cant used Photon / Desktop IDE

It has been a while since I have used my Particle Photon though here are my issues:

  1. I loaded the Desktop IDE
    a) it will NOT see my device
    b) I can’t load any libraries

  2. Using the web IDE:
    a) It see my device but timeouts when flashing

The device is breathing cyan and there was No issues last time is worked with it.
It appears the the WEB IDE senses the Photon being powered down and back up
After the power cycle Photon is breathing Green which mean its connect to the Wi-Fi but the cloud…
The app being flash is ‘function-variable’ simple

Power cycle I get a breathing cyan
attempt to flash it goes to breathing Green and the flash TIME OUTS

Work Particle CLI with particle list?
If flashing over the air works (number 2) it could be a problem with your serial port (analog 1a).
Is an USB Hub in use or it could be a problem with USB2.0 / USB3.0. Did you test other USB ports?

The I/O Pin being used is A5. The fact that after power cycle the breathing Green LED concerns me as to why can’t be seen by the cloud…

Then after another power cycle it breathe cyan so it sees the cloud

I did clear the cache on the web IDE and also reset token. since then able to flash with teh WEB IDE. Though the Desktop still does NOT identify my hardware

That sounds very much like some code that was previously flashed to the device is blocking the system.
The easiest - and first to try when things go not as expected - way is to put the device in Safe Mode and try again.

If Desktop IDE doesn’t see your device list (which it only retrieves from the cloud, just like Web IDE), then you can try to log out and back in.
Only when you are logged in to the correct account, the related devices can be listed.

@Postler, Desktop IDE does not flash via USB. Currently only CLI does that (or dfu-util if you wish :wink: ).

@eGeek, or does 1a) relate to the Serial Monitor and not to flashing the device?
What OS are you using?