Cannot flash with web IDE, what's the status? Same problem as last week?

I can’t flash a blank sketch via the web IDE (the photon is breathing cyan). Are the servers having the same problems as last weekend?

Could you try refreshing the page and/or hitting reset on your photon? Does it give you any errors?


Having the same issue, tried to flash via particle:

particle flash XXXX dim.ino
attempting to flash firmware to your device XXXX
Flash device OK: Flash requires modules not present on device

Using example program with flashing led. I think cannot refresh tinker to something else

Could you try placing your device into safe mode and try flashing it again? Also give it a shot via the web IDE, since it might require a firmware upgrade.

The same error. Webide and serial prints 0.4.4. Via Particle Dev it flashed (magenta is flashing) but after boot - new app is not running.