Cannot Flash photons using Web IDE

I just opened a new photon, I tried to set it up.
It is connected to cloud, but the android app shows it is offline.
The Web IDE shows it is online and I can signal the RGB led rainbow, but on flashing, it shows flash unsuccessful and request timed out.

Have you selected the device as target for your upload via the gold star left of the device name?
What FW version are you building for?
What firmware is currently running on the device?

I have selected the device via the gold star.
Where can I see the device firmware?
I tried looking for it in the device selection list.
but it only lets me pick the compilation firmware.

Issue Solved,

I had to put the photon in the dfu mode and did a particle update to update the firmware.
That fixed the issue.


This suggests the issue was related to this question :wink:

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