Blue breathing light, but Compile times out of Web IDE

I have a photon that I cannot seem to send new code to.
The Photon is slow flashing (breathing) cyan LED.

In Web IDE, I click ‘Verify’.
Status says ‘Saving firmware’
Compiling code…
And just sits there.

After a couple of minutes, it tells me that the server failed to respond, and to please try again.

Next to my device name at the bottom right, I see a grey circle. I think it’s usually cyan?
If I go to device, I see no colour icon next to my device.
If I click ‘Signal’, the device remains flashing cyan blue. Breathing style.

I don’t think it’s device specific, as ‘Verify’ shouldn’t touch my device (or should it)?

So, currently, cannot verify my code, or flash it. Is there a system error?

Is it possible for you to try using Workbench? It has a lot more functionality than the Web IDE.

You can work on projects locally, compile locally, and much more.

Thanks for the idea.
Just before reading this, I logged out, and back in again, and it’s working.
When I opened my browser this morning, I noticed I wasn’t prompted to login.
I wonder if it was a session issue - but all seems good now.

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My next troubleshooting step would have been to put the device in safe mode and see if the OTA update worked then. Glad it’s working again. I always make a point to close my browser tab and reopen if I leave it sitting open over night. I’ve had some strange things happen… usually when I leave a project open on my work PC, making changes at home at night, and then just refreshing the browser session at work the next day. The refresh doesn’t work so well. A full close and reopen does.