I have constant breathing blue led - is it normal?

Everything works as should with my Particle Photon, but I have constantly breathing blue light. Is it normal?

Are you referring to breathing cyan?


No, actually it is blue led blinking very slowly

Is the Photon listed as online and are you able to flash new firmware to it in that mode?

It is listed as online. I have not tried to flash new firmware

You might want to try it out?

There’s a possibility that the yellow LED is dud.

There is no yellow in RGB :wink:
@markiz, can you post a video of the actual RGB code?
What firmware is running on the device?
What does Safe Mode do?

Current firmware is 0.6.2. Particle device updater offers upgrade to 0.6.0 which seems to me as older version. Should I still upgrade?
As I mentioned before it does what it has to, but slowly blinking blue is constantly on. I tried to switch to the safe mode and resign into the network. It did not help

This doesn’t really mean a lot since we don’t know what it has to do.
For example I’ve got a project that is meant to be in Listening (SoftAP) Mode all the time and hence slowly blinking blue is exactly the expected color code for the intended behaviour of the program.
Without any knowledge about your frame of reference we wouldn’t know what to expect - hence my question

The firmware I’m asking for is your own program, 0.6.2 only tells us about the system firmware version.

Are we definitely talking about the RGB status LED and not the tiny blue LED on D7?

The only project I have attached to it is to control a servo for windows blinds.
The blue RGB light is breathing even if I delete my application and have nothing attached to it.

At this point, a video would be nice.
Is it exclusively blue, or are there other colors lit up in the LED as well?

I tried to upload a short video, but it did not allow me… It is breathing cyan - should it stay like that all the times?

If it’s breathing cyan, all is normal for cloud connected mode - that’s how it should be

Thank you. For some reason I thought that it was supposed to be solid cyan or blue…

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