Help - breathing green but connected!

I have been working with Photon for a week now. Everything worked well so far. After I tinkered with EEProm (may be coincidence) problems started - basically it is breathing green but is cloud connected and I can flash, signal etc. But publish events are not updated.

I removed my code and flashed tinker and other firmware (through web IDE as well as CLI) and everything works except the LED still in green mode.

Safemode works as expected - breathing magenta.

I went through all the support questions on this and went through every recommended exercise. I cannot get out of breathing green!

Any help is appreciated.

You can take control of the RGB LED to check whether there might be an issue with the blue subLED used to create cyan.

Also could it be that your code is somehow tampering with the RGBB “pin”?
Or have you changed the system themes (even previously - not sure if themes aren’t sticky settings)?

However, seeing your actual code would be help not needing to resort to guessing hints.


That’s a great tip! I did that and controlled the LED changing colors to White, Cyan and Red. White and Red are working but Cyan is showing Green!

So basically Cyan is not working. How did this happen, not sure. I have a ultrasonic Echo pin connected to D5 through two resistors to bring down 5V to 3.3 v. I suspected lose ground, so re-soldered. Other than that there is no hardware issues.

Another interesting thing I observed - loaded blinking LED App. The D7 LED blinks fine. Then I signaled the device from the web. The signalling (rotating colors) worked. When I stopped signaling however,
The LED goes back to signaling mode (rotating colors) on its own every few seconds bascially alternating between breathing green and rotating colors.

At this point other than the LED issue everything seem to be fine.

BTW, here is the LED test code. All colors work except CYAN which
is odd as green and blue are working individually fine.

void loop() {
  // take control of the LED

// Sets the RGB LED to cyan
RGB.color(0, 255, 255);
Particle.publish("LED Event","Cyan");
// Wait 1 second...

 // Set the RGB LED to red
RGB.color(255, 0,0);
Particle.publish("LED Event","Red");
  // Set the RGB LED to Blue
RGB.color(0, 0,255);
Particle.publish("LED Event","Blue");
  // Sets the RGB LED to Green
RGB.color(0, 255, 0); 
   // Wait 1 second...
Particle.publish("LED Event","Green");

  // Sets the RGB LED to White
RGB.color(255, 255,255); 
   // Wait 1 second...
Particle.publish("LED Event","White");

  // And repeat!

@vc2020, if you put the device in listening mode, what color appears on the LED? Oddly, white is achieved with a combination of all three colors!

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My apologies … Cyan is visible now especially after I toggled green and Cyan side by side and I could see the color difference. Age perhaps? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

@vc2020, the three LEDs in the unit are RED, GREEN and BLUE. Cyan is a mix of GREEN and BLUE. In listening mode, you get pure BLUE. It is possible that the BLUE LED is defective and its output degraded in brightness. Have you tried putting in listening mode to test the BLUE LED?

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I did put in listening mode and was able to see blue. The brightness does seem to be little low. I think the basic issue started with particle connection when I put a delay in my loop for more than 10 seconds. That made particle go off the grid which is when I noticed LED color issue - and I was confused between Cyan and Green till I put a LED test code and saw the difference.

Now everything is fine. Thanks so much!