Can't test Webhook when not set to "Any" Device

It may be me, but when I created a webhook and set the device to “my-device” the little test button at the top was missing. I waited, closed browsers, tried again, still no test button. As soon as I changed it back to “Any” boom test button reappears.

Is this normal or a bug?

Thank you and cheers.

That’s the expected behavior.

The console is just based on the Particle cloud API, and the API can’t spoof events coming from a specific device for security reasons. So there’s no way for the console to send a test event from a specific device to trigger the webhook, so the button is hidden.


Thank you sir. That makes perfect sense.

May I suggest the button be visible, but when clicked this message displayed.

Took quite a while to figure out what was going on :slight_smile: